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New Video 👉🏻 Hi Everyone :) Welcome back! I get asked often: "Where did you get all this stuff?" My goal is to share the real magic of science and physics- and to this end I will update here (and in my store) suggestions on where to get some of these toys, kinetic art pieces, and scientific curiosities for yourself. Purchasing items from the links on these pages will help support my IG page of science and wonder. Buy physicsfun toys on : (Official websit 🇺🇸) physicsfun IN : physicsfun toys on amazon : Follow on Instagram : This video contains and involves phenomena in each clips : 00:00 Intro 00:02 Buda Ball (hall effect, feedback loop, control system, physics, physics toy, physicsfun, wire less energy transfer, electrical engineering, faradays law, electromagnetism, hall effect probe, science, levitation) 00:38 STORY Clock (flyte, equilibrium, story clock, neodymium, magnetic, magnetic field, halleffect, feedbackloop, control system, physicstoy, wireless energy transfer, electrical engineering, faradays law, electromagnetism, electromagnet) 01:28 Diffractive Optical Element (holospex, wild eyes, holospecs, transmission hologram, hologram, diffraction, diffractive opticalelement , constructive interference, virtual image) 01:45 Diffractive Optical Element Part II 02:01 Three Polarizing Sheets (polarization, light, polarizing filter, quantum, quantum mechanics, photons, 3 polarizer paradox, polarized light, electro magnetic , electro magnetic waves, science, electro magnetism) 02:19 Simple Polariscope 02:57 The Alchemist (diamagnetism, magnetic field, magnetism, levitation, maglev, bismuth, alchemy, alchemist, LBNL, Glenn Seaborg, pyrolytic graphite) 03:31 Vortex Pendant Marble (marble,vortex marble, necklace, glas pendant, optics, refraction, dichroic, dichoric glass, index of refraction , iride scence, illusion, art, art glass, art marble , marble, amazing, lamp work) 04:15 The Heritage Periodic Table: Collector’s Edition- a comprehensive collection of the chemical elements that can fit in the hand. Embedded in acrylic are actual samples of 85 of the 118 elements- including pure gasses and reactive alkali metals in glass ampules- and represented by 80 high purity samples (including a Gold nugget and liquid Mercury) and 5 compounds. Radium is included in the form of an antique watch hand, and the bead of Mercury rolls back and forth within its glass container. This spectacular table and collection is the creative work of Tim and Cory Marriott of Engineered Labs Protoshop LLC. (periodic table, elements, element collection, physicsfun, heritage periodic table, isotope, nucleus, chemistry, nuclear, science, science is awesome) 05:04 Spiral Kinetic Art (helix, kinetic art, rotational motion, angular momentum, math, mathtoy, maths toy, illusion, spinner, science is awesome) 05:37 Glass Spirals Kinetic Ornament (helix, kinetic art, rotational motion, angular momentum, illusion, spinner) 05:59 Tiny Cube Top (spin, spinning top, cube, top, symmetry, axis, rotation, rotational inertia, moment, stability) 06:22 Alexandrite Effect (alexandrite, alexandrite effect, gems, gems tones, synthetic gem, spectra, light, chrysoberyl, color change, geo physics toy, optics) 06:39 Complex Standing Waves on a String (standing waves, waves, interference, lightshow, LED, harmonics, frequency) 06:57 Arch Balance Toy (equilibrium, center of mass, balance, balance toy) 07:17 BONUS CLIP Background music by : Auram & Kyross - Nothing Else [JompaMusic Release] Video Link: Free Download: Spotify: #science #physics #satisfying

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