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Come and take part in my latest metal detecting adventure with another incredible coin spill. Everything started totally unexpected with a large silver coin. A U.S. silver Quarter (the second one I ever found in Europe). A moment later, a second shallow signal appeared. This time I underestimated the depth and just swept the leaves with my shoe, which wasn't very smart... I just could not imagine a second silver coin at the surface, when the first one came out of the ground. The same happened to me a while ago with much older coins... It should be another lesson for the future. That's how the coin spill started. The ground was steep and mineralized. It required a lot of work and determination. At some point I even wished, the signals would end... but it was only a brief moment. Total coin count: 49 16 x U.S. Dimes. 11 x U.S. Nickels. 13 x U.S. Quarters. 4 x U.S. Silver Quarters. 2 x "1 German Marks" 2 x "2 German Marks" 1 unknown (old) coin More info about US coin: There still was more when I left, but it was time for me to go. I already revisited this place and will hopefully show a second video... I don't know, why I'm finding coin spills so often (I still have other unseen footage...). It always is a lot of work, but the feeling is simply amazing. I doesn't matter what type of coins come out. They can be silver, gold, Roman or rusty "Pfennigs". The coin spill alone takes the metal detecting experience to another level. I love when it happens. Tracking old "traces" from one coin to another and predicting the possible path is very exciting. What has happened at this place? Why are all the coins spread out? I have a theory about it: A soldier jumped from an airplane. His the parachute did not open... No, there must be a different explanation :). Thanks for watching. P.s. Here is the continuation of the coin spill at the same location: ▶ More Metal Detecting adventures: ▶ Detecting with XP Deus ▶ Playlist with all my coin spills videos ▶

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