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Unloading a Cartopper from a Union Pacific work train at Port Barre Louisiana. Scary to watch, but it worked a treat. WHY IS THE MACHINE ON THERE? ARE THERE NO RAMPS AVAILABLE? I DONT UNDERSTAND THIS? IS THAT LEGAL AND SAFE? PLEASE READ THIS ALL THE WAY THROUGH TO THE END, ITS ALL CLEARLY EXPLAINED. For anyone who would like to leave a comment, PLEASE keep it civil or it wont be posted. Thanks. For more information on the Cartopper, check out Herzog Rail Sevices website @WWW.HRSI.COM. It explains this unique concept in detail in a video. From Herzogs website detailing their Cartopper services: "As one of the nationā€™s leading railroad contractors, Herzog recognized the need in the railroad industry for a more productive, efficient and injury free method of loading and unloading crossties. This prompted Herzogā€™s invention of equipment that has revolutionized material handling. The Herzog Cartopperā„¢ Material Handler! The nationā€™s major railroads were quick to recognize that Herzogā€™s CarTopperSM services using the Cartopperā„¢ material handler offered a more economical, safer and efficient method of handling crossties. The Cartopperā„¢ rides along the top of railcars moving from car to car unloading onto the right of way as the work train moves along the track. Once the car is unloaded the operator simply moves the Cartopperā„¢ to the next car, regardless of variance in car heights. The success of Herzogā€™s CartopperSM crosstie handling services has led to other applications in railroad construction and maintenance. Equipped with electro magnets the Cartopperā€™sā„¢ versatility to load and unload rail, plates, spikes and anchors will eliminate switching delays. Production Performance (One Machine) Cross Ties: 1000 Ties/Hour Rail: 1/3 Track Mile/Hour Aggregate: 200 Tons/Hour The flexibility of the Cartopperā„¢ Material Handling system leads to tremendous utilization in unloading of aggregate, rip rap and other bulk materials. Unloading material directly into trucks eliminates costly double handling. An advantage to using Herzogā€™s Cartopperā„¢ Material Handling services is that you do not have to install expensive unloading systems that use twice the track space and can only be used at their permanent location. By using more than one machine, the Cartopperā„¢ system can unload an entire train in a matter of hours. Committed to customer service, Herzog personnel are in constant communication with nationwide job sites, railroad transportation officials, suppliers and customers, eliminating costly delays resulting in increased production." So that's it in a nutshell. ;) Easy peasy.

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