A Fun and Candid Conversation with Nicki Minaj

A Fun and Candid Conversation with Nicki Minaj


In this fun and candid conversation, Nicki Minaj and Funny Marco come together for a lively exchange. They discuss various topics, including a gift exchange, Nicki’s sister’s request for clothes, Nicki’s exhaustion from promoting her album, and an upcoming show. Funny Marco even comments on Nicki’s outfit. Throughout the conversation, they also mention their sponsorship message for SeatGeek, the number one rated ticketing app with over 28 million downloads.

Getting Personal

Nicki Minaj is feeling a mix of emotions on this day as she prepares for her upcoming show. She expresses her exhaustion from promoting her album and her desire to go home and get some rest. Despite her busy schedule, she admits that she hasn’t finalized her setlist for the show. Normally, she would be working with her team to create the setlist, but instead, she finds herself in the company of Funny Marco.

When it comes to her album, Nicki reveals that she is proud of it and there are certain songs that she loves. While she enjoys many of the songs on her album, she admits that she rarely listens to her own albums in their entirety. She explains that there are certain things that bother her when she listens to her own music, but she feels that she has mastered those aspects with her latest album, “Pink Friday”.

Nicki also shares her thoughts on reading articles and interviews. She admits that she rarely reads articles about herself because she doesn’t want to risk disliking the writer if they say something negative. However, she does occasionally watch her own interviews and enjoys the live moments that she has shared with her fans.

When it comes to hobbies, Nicki reveals her interest in starting a cussing-out line. She jokes about having a phone line where people can call her to cuss someone out on their behalf. She even demonstrates her fast cussing skills, claiming she can say five cuss words in two seconds. It’s clear that Nicki has a great sense of humor and is not afraid to express herself.

Lastly, Funny Marco expresses his admiration for Nicki. He shares his favorite songs from her, including “Barbie Dreams”, “Good Form”, and “Pills N Potions”. He even attempts to impress her with a few of his own jokes, which she finds entertaining.

Fun and Games

Funny Marco’s request for relationship advice:

Funny Marco opens up the conversation by asking Nicki Minaj for relationship advice. He shares a story about his baby mama sending him to buy a video game for their son’s birthday, even though the child is not his biological son. Nicki responds by suggesting he tell his baby mama that he got robbed and use the money to buy her new album, Pink Friday 2. She jokes that it’s a win-win situation for him.

Discussion of favorite movies and comedians:

They engage in a lively discussion about favorite movies and comedians. Nicki Minaj reveals that she enjoys the Rush Hour series, particularly the combination of Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan. She admits that she finds their comedic chemistry entertaining. This leads to a conversation about favorite seasons, with Nicki stating that she loves the warmth of summer.

Playful game of Rock Paper Scissors:

Funny Marco suggests playing a game of Rock Paper Scissors. They engage in a friendly competition, with Nicki ultimately winning the tiebreaker round. They share a few laughs and showcase their playful camaraderie throughout the game.

Funny Marco’s childhood memories:

Funny Marco reminisces about his childhood experiences, recounting stories about his time in school and his interactions with his teacher. He shares humorous anecdotes about his classmates and the unique dynamics of his classroom. Nicki Minaj listens attentively and expresses amusement at his stories.

Nicki’s thoughts on her fan base:

Nicki Minaj discusses her relationship with her fan base, known as the “barbs.” She explains that their connection goes beyond the typical artist-fan relationship. She describes the barbs as a vital part of her career and expresses her gratitude for their unwavering support. She emphasizes the personal bond she shares with her fans and the impact they have on her life.

Music and Art

Music and art are two of Nicki Minaj’s biggest passions. In this section, we’ll explore her album, favorite songs, and even her appreciation for her fans.

Nicki’s Album and Favorite Songs

Nicki Minaj is proud of her latest album, “Pink Friday”. She considers it a masterpiece and one of her best works. While she enjoys many songs on the album, her favorite songs include “Barbie Dreams”, “Good Form”, and “Pills N Potions”. These tracks showcase her unique style and lyrical prowess.

Inspiration Behind Certain Tracks

Each track on “Pink Friday” has its own unique inspiration. For example, “Barbie Dreams” was inspired by the classic rap song “Just Playing (Dreams)” by The Notorious B.I.G. In this song, Nicki playfully name-drops various male celebrities and addresses the rumors and gossip surrounding her personal life.

Nicki’s Thoughts on Collaborations and Features

When it comes to collaborations and features, Nicki is quite selective. She wants to ensure that the artists she chooses align with her vision and style. On “Pink Friday”, she worked with artists like Lil Uzi Vert and JT from City Girls. These collaborations added a unique flavor to the album and created memorable tracks.

Funny Marco’s Artwork for Nicki

Funny Marco, who joined Nicki for this conversation, created some artwork for her. He presented her with a painting of herself and even a custom-made hat. Nicki appreciated the gesture and expressed gratitude for the support of her fans.

Nicki’s Appreciation for Her Fans

Nicki Minaj has a special bond with her fans, known as the “barbs”. She considers them more than just fans; they are like friends. She recognizes their unwavering support throughout her career and is grateful for their love. The personal connection she shares with her fans is something she values deeply.

Final Remarks

As Nicki Minaj and Funny Marco wrap up their fun and candid conversation, there are a few final remarks to share with fans. First and foremost, Nicki encourages her fans to support her album, “Pink Friday”. She expresses her pride in the album and her love for certain songs on it. She also mentions that she rarely listens to her own albums in their entirety, but she feels that she has mastered certain aspects with “Pink Friday”. So, she encourages fans to give it a listen and support her work.

Next, Funny Marco’s rap performance during the conversation is mentioned. Nicki acknowledges his effort and entertainment value, appreciating his jokes and rap skills. She clearly enjoyed his company and the energy he brought to the conversation.

Moving on, Nicki briefly discusses her favorite season, which is summer. She loves the warmth and the positive vibes that come with it. This adds a personal touch to the conversation, showing fans a bit of Nicki’s preferences and personality.

Another highlight of the conversation was Funny Marco’s rapid-fire question round. Although it was a lighthearted and fun moment, it provided some interesting insights into Nicki’s life and thoughts. It gave fans a chance to learn more about her in a quick and entertaining way.

Lastly, Nicki Minaj wraps up the conversation with closing comments and gratitude. She expresses her appreciation for her fans, known as the “barbs”, and acknowledges their unwavering support throughout her career. She emphasizes the personal connection she shares with her fans and the impact they have on her life. She ends the conversation by thanking her fans and showing her gratitude.


Nicki’s feelings on traveling and leaving her son:

Nicki admits that leaving her son behind when she travels gives her anxiety. She loves spending time with him and finds it difficult to be away. However, she acknowledges that traveling is a necessary part of her career.

Funny Marco’s question about staying in the house:

Funny Marco asks Nicki if she has ever stayed in the house for an extended period of time. Nicki replies that she has, especially when she was pregnant. During that time, she focused on recording verses for other artists but limited her outings.

Discussion of Nicki’s experiences at Red Lobster:

Nicki reveals that she used to work at Red Lobster but was frequently fired due to her attitude. She explains that the customers could often be rude, which led to conflicts. Despite this, she still enjoys eating at Red Lobster.

Funny Marco’s question about switching lives for a day:

Funny Marco asks Nicki if she would switch lives with him for a day. Nicki immediately declines, stating that she is happy with her own life. She appreciates her success and the opportunities she has had.

Funny Marco’s request for dating advice:

Funny Marco asks Nicki for dating advice. Nicki playfully brushes off the question, stating that she is not an expert in relationships. She jokes about her own experiences and suggests that being honest and confident is key.


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