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FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM: @sallybarkermusic Here is the link to listen on Spotify ! : https://open.spotify.com/album/3iNBttE9SI80pZEmvCNF6H?si=M_WlwKVoRFuCirQ8DWOPOg PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THE VIDEO CLIPS WERE TAKEN FROM MY APPEARANCE ON THE VOICE IN 2014 & THE AUDIO WAS RECORDED IN 2020. TOM JONES WAS NOT LISTENING TO THIS VERSION OF HIS ICONIC SONG !!! An 80th Birthday Present for Sir Tom Jones. In 2014 I was fortunate enough to be chosen by Sir Tom Jones as my mentor on 'The Voice UK'. On entering the competition my ambition had been to sing a duet with the superstar legend. Sir Tom took me on a fantastical journey through the stages of that competition and I reached the final and realised my dream. I am happy to now be able to pay homage to this Knight of the Realm, on his special Birthday, with my own version of 'It's Not Unusual' - his 1965 breakthrough hit. I recorded the music in my home studio (Chickenshit Studios). My pal Anna Ryder came round one day and we recorded her piano and my vocal in one take. Anna added the horn section and I overdubbed the guitar. I then mixed it and mastered it with advice from son no 1 Dillon, who is currently working on his own music project (The Brown Bear Collective). Son no 2 Ben then made it into a family affair by putting the video together. Happy Birthday, Sir Tom. xxx

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