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If you struggle finding sleep, listening to piano music can see you sleep comfortably and calmly. As such, various studies confirm that individual with sleeping disorders slept when listening to music than when there was no soothing music in the background. The good thing with piano therapy or music is that it has low pitches and gentle melodies, which go a long way in improving the quality of your sleep. ------------------- Music composed by Hungeker Hello Everyone, I'm Hungeker. ✔ I'm a composer make this youtube channel to share my background music for sleeping. ✔ Some words about my music products are: smoothing, sleepy & peace. ✔ It helps you get more deep sleep, stress relief, meditation, healing and happy. You can listening many times without boring, every night. ☘This is the song I spend a lot of time to write. ☞ Thank you for listening and wish you sleep well ☞ Please support me by writing down "Goodnigth from...(your country)...." !

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