Hitler high on Meth at the 1936 Olympics 🎥 Reddit r/videos | Channify

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Hitler was a hardcore junkie. The nazis were given speed and other drugs to up their game in wartime. Hitler's doctor who was kinda crazy gave Hitler Cocaine, Meth, and opioids like oxycodon as prescriptions to help with his problems. Anyone who pointed out that the doctor was insane would be dismissed. This is a video of Hitler at the 1936 olympics, clearly incredibly high on either coke or meth. A similar video was also on Reddit a while ago. Edit: Joe Rogan talked about this video on his podcast Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) and how it's slightly sped up -- this is because of the way the old cameras worked (I think at least), so if you want a more accurate speed, set it to 0.75x Edit 2: On his twitter account a tweet with a similar video is there if you're interested in seeing it

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