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Dc sputtering magnetrons are about as close to real magic as you can get. They use a beautiful cloud of plasma to spray metal or inorganic materials at whatever object you want, coating it in that material. As such sputter coaters are at the heart of many of the manufacturing processes that make our modern world what it is. Not the least of which is many of the steps for making every chip in every device you've ever used. In the last video we built a prototype sputter coater, but it was never meant as more than that. In this video we go through the upgrades that have been made to the machine and then put it through it's paces to cover basically everything we could find in various metals and metal oxides. The result is many stunning pieces of intricate metal or metalized objects. If you haven't seen it yet here's a link to the last video so you can see exactly how the machine works: Giveaway link: Some more Resources -Applied Science's video - -Sputtering yield rate chart - -Building scientific apparatus - _________________________________________________________________ Support the show and future projects: Patreon: Ko-Fi: Become a member: Store: _________________________________________________________________ My Social Media Pages: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Website: _________________________________________________________________ As always, thanks to my awesome Patrons and supporters for helping to make these video possible. Special thanks to: Afrotechmods Alex Alexandre Guhur Andre andrew james morris Anita Fowler Applied Science Austin Morris Ben Reay Bennet Huch besenyeim BinarySplit Cameron Hypes Chandra Yarlagadda Danny Chan David Choitz Drew DeVault Dustin Parciasepe Elliot Turner emptymachine Eugene Pakhomov Ezekiel Dohmen Filipsi Frank genuinebyte ian burghardt Jack Brown Jacob Persi James Janette Edson Jaroslav Henner Jase Smith Jim Mussared John De Witt Jonas Abreu Jonathan Dashe Jonathan Ström Joshua Pedrick Justin Hendryx Kevin Kevin Forsythe kn0tsin Lambda AI Hardware Leon Leon Schutte Leslie Rohde Lewis Westbury Louis Cashin Luc Ritchie Lucas Hoheisel Maksym Zavershynskyi Martin Haugsand Matthew Broerman Matthew Reece-Ford Max Wraae Meinhard Absalon Michael Chatzidakis mike buebe Monsyne Dragon narvutar1324 Nico Schlüter OmuN Overshafter Ozark Martin Patrick Sweetman Paul Emmerich Paul Richmond Phelan O'Connell Philipp Weber Pietro Saccardi Piper Elinor Ralph Dratman Rauni Rhettson Powell Robert Boll Robert Miller Robert S. Sean Coates Sebastiaan Schlappi Simon Hallam SkaveRat Steven Pitman tain TheOneTrueJames TheQuickestBrownFox Tiffany Bennett Tom Bullock Vedran Bajic Virgil Ilian xj9 __________ Channel Members: Jorm Skagh Ana Kasbar Jason Clay Jeff Xu Felix Nica txyzinfo Robert Boll ikereku trevor skjerpen Kiran Gupta adamklam1 Hunter Bagby Anthony M Kush Agarwal Jason Clay Istvan Kiss

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