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When led by God, we do not see God's face, but his back. Why is that? We cannot see his face, because we cannot see him coming. We see God's back, because we see where he has been, and what he has done in the past. We do not anticipate, or second-guess God. It is only after long reflection that we are finally struck with what God has been doing all along. We are always looking for a sign, aren't we? Recently, I was driving down the road, pondering an important decision I needed to make. I vividly recall shouting out to God, "Why don't you write me a message across the sky, so I'll know what to do." Wouldn't that be awesome? Every time we are faced with a decision, we would have a heavenly teleprompter sending us messages across the sky. It's interesting that we humans don't ask for God's input on every decision, we only seem to want God's handwriting in the sky on certain decisions - the "biggies." Where should I go to school? Whom should I marry? Which job should I take? Or should I change jobs? In each instance, we want God to show us a sign. Any old sign will do. Let God be our everyday companion, Pray it always works. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ May this video inspire and add beauty to your everyday. Many thanks for watching!!! Do not forget to Like , Comment , Share and Subscribe to My Channel.