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for Paula This is a video response to: 3 weeks ago your aunt wrote in the comments section of the Keith Green song on my channel: "There are teardrops falling from my eyes. God Bless You Michelle. You have no idea how much I needed to hear these words today. Sending you a smile! (((Hugs))) to you & yours... Paula" Then 2 weeks ago she wrote: "Hi Michelle, God Bless you too. I've been too sick to stay on the internet for long. Sending love and smiles. Thank you for this song. I wanted to hear it again today. I wasn't able to get out of bed yesterday. Sending love and smiles to you Michelle. (((Hugs))) to you & yours... Paula" I pray this will take her to a place of complete surrender and focus on Christ alone and that by so doing her soul will be filled to overflowing with His peace. This is here in case she has some moments when she is able to get up and come to the computer and hear it. If not, then its for her family. Paula is loved by many here..please let her know we are praying.