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This is an illustration of just how difficult a comparatively gentle breeze can can make the routine manouever of extricating a boat from a fairly tight marina berth. The Moody yacht "Spellbound" is about to head out from Penarth Marina but a slight north-west breeze catches the port-bow and causes manouevering problems as she backs out of her berth. Spellbound's retractable keel - when fully up - provides little lateral grip underwater so the mild breeze is just enough to push the bow over to starboard. Note how the breeze moves the bow as soon as the forward warp has been let go.The "three point turn" - attempted here - won't work without a bow-thruster - and there isn't one on Spellbound..In the circumstances it would probably have been better to just keep her going astern and turning until she's head to wind.

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