KLM Boeing 747-400 "Rocket" Takeoff St Maarten Princess Juliana Airport | LiveLeak | Channify

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KLM Boeing 747-400 Rocket-Takeoff St Maarten Princess Juliana Airport October 2016 Seat 16A A lot of discussions are held on the headline. No there are no rockets on this Video! "Rocket takeoff" means that the takeoff-run was very short and the climb rate was very high due to the fact that the aircraft was very light. Normally a Boeing 747-400 serves long haul routes with a lot of fuel on board on takeoff. In this regular case it needs a much longer takeoff-run. On rather rare short flights like the 1 hour flight form St. Maarten to Curacao, the aircraft is pretty light as it doesn t need much fuel. This is why it accelerates very fast and can climb very steep, other than on regular typical B747 Long Haul Takeoff procedures. Thanks for watching.