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Initial D Arcade Stage Ver. 3 Express Love - Mega NRG Man Happogahara Stage Download the mp3 of this here... Download the whole soundtrack here... =Lyrics= Show me tonite that you're not a venture That you can love me with another spirit Give me the life as you were the nature What is the reason why you keep me waitin' I don't wanna be losing you Don't you see that I can't live another day without you But you're teasing me You just give an Express love And I cry (die) for you tonite And I'm dying (crying) but you, you give an Express love Stop for a while and think of me To be part of my live so you can Express love Why can't you see That my heart is breaking Tonite I gotta make you feel I love you Want me to try dancing in the bedroom But I don't wanna be the one night story

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