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⭐-------------------- I really like the new special displays added in Smash Ultimate, but I don't think there are enough, so I made some mock-ups! I really liked designing these, and while some definitely look better than others, I really like the look of them. I really wish these were in the game. My biggest and least likely hope ever is that someone from the Smash Development team sees this video and can get the word to Mr. Sakurai and add it to the game lmao, won't happen though. Thanks for watching and please, have yourself an amazing day. #SmashBrosUltimate #SpecialDisplay #SmashUltimate 🎵-------------------- Music used: 1 - "Piklopedia" (Pikmin 2) ⯈ 2 - "Results of the Day" (Pikmin 2) ⯈ 🖌️-------------------- Footage: (If it's not linked, it's captured by me) 1 - Game and Watch "Fire" gameplay (06:12) ⯈ 🔗-------------------- Links and stuff: Twitter ⯈ (Send your fanart here and it might appear at the end of future videos!) Merch ⯈ (Send a picture of you with my merch on Twitter and YOU may appear at the end of future videos!) Subscribe ⯈ 👏-------------------- Special Thanks: Ryan (For allowing me to use his art at 04:59) Twitter ⯈ Ville10 (For ripping the Gyromite and Stack-Up sprites) Space Gaurd (for ripping the Pokémon Diamond/Pearl sprites)

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