Weird Glitches: SUPER SMASH BROS. 3DS PART 1 🎥 jtails | Channify

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Smash Bros 3DS glitches with Bowser, Pikachu, Rosalina, Yoshi, Mii Fighter, Jiggly Puff (getting huge), Wario riding his bike through the ropes, custom moves on Yoshi to get a super high jump into the airand how to get the red gear points for it. Wii U Smash Bros soon! Subscribe ➡➡➡ ------------------------------------------ ✪ nickel -------------------------------------------- - POKEMON BLACK & WHITE Glitches: - SUPER SMASH BROS. Glitches PART 2: - POKEMON XY Glitches: - POKEMON ORAS Glitches: - FNAF3 Glitches: ✪ TWITCH: ✪ INSTAGRAM: ✪ FACEBOOK: ✪ WISHLIST: ✪ STEAM: ►THIRSTY LLAMA: FC: 3840-7858-0134 I'll tweet when I'm playing next so follow me on twitter to play! ✪ Download the album at:

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