FOR TRUE GLORY - The Ultimate SSB4 Compilation 🎥 jtails | Channify

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THIS IS THE ORIGINAL SMASH 4. No equipments, codes or TAS were used in the making of this epic moments montage. Enjoy! ---------- After 4 years, our Smash 4 FFA compilation is finally here. We consider this to be the official follow up to The Meaning of Brawl from times past. Shoutouts to those who were there back then! Because The Meaning of Brawl was such a fun project for us, the idea of doing something similar in Smash 4 immediately entered our minds when the game came out, bringing concrete purpose to all of our FFA sessions from the very start. However, this goal would become a long and rocky 4 year road, as Smash 4 didn't seem as casually fun or buggy as what Brawl used to be. Patches as well as a broken laptop hard drive along the way destroyed some of our replays and clips, and attempted to destroy our determination. While the first couple of years were fairly dormant for the project, we really stepped up our game in these latter two, playing around to find the dumbest (i.e. greatest) physics, bugs and mechanics we could. Ultimately we managed to have fun with the process as well as the game itself, and create a worthy successor to TMoB. - Tri & Loota

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