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Batman or Black Panther? Which superhero is better? SuperHeroKids WE FOUND A LOST EPISODE from last year that we never posted! It's Hope vs Noah battling it out over which superhero is the best, Batman or Black Panther! Let us know in the comments which SuperHero you like better, Batman or Black Panther? Subscribe: | 🔔 Make sure to enable ALL push notifications! 🔔 HeroForce Game Watch the newest SuperHeroKids videos: Also in this collection of comics videos, when Noah has to leave for soccer practice, he asks Eden to guard his new LEGO Marvel Superheroes Black Panther creation he built. While Eden takes a break from her guard duty to go grab a donut, Hope discovers the creation. Hope and Eden battle over the LEGO, Hope wants to play with it and Eden wants to put it back on the shelf like Noah asked. In the tug of war the set goes flying over the banister and breaks into tiny pieces. Can Eden and Hope put it back together before Noah gets home and finds out that they broke his creation? And then When Eden and Hope Marie decide to surprise Noah with a Batman Birthday Party in real life, Eden uses her new invention the Poppin Party Thrower to setup the best Batman Birthday party ever! But when her machine malfunctions, all of the party stuff ends up in the pool. Will Eden and Hope be able to save the birthday party before mom and Noah get home? Watch this funny SuperHeroKids irl comic skit to find out! Follow SuperHeroKids: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Snapchat: Check out our friends videos: ExtremeToys Tv Ninja Kidz TV SuperHeroKids Twin Toys Watch More SuperHeroKids: The Flash: Funny Skits: Latest Uploads: Popular Videos: About SuperHeroKids: A family team making movies together! Family Friendly, Epic action & comedy videos! Subscribe to be a SHK member and to get the next episode! Use the SuperHeroKids Theme Song as your ringtone search "SuperHeroKids Theme" on the iTunes Store app!

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