CAPTAIN AMERICA vs IRONMAN, Monkey Queen Gorilla RC CAR CIVIL WAR Real Life Avengers Rumbler edition 🎥 hobbykidstv YouTube Sensation | Channify

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Who gets to play with the RC CAR First? An RC Car Civil War is on! This video was made in association with XPV, by Jakks Pacific, Inc. Find more information on Jakks – Marvel XPV: Captain America and Iron Man finally get the Marvel XPV Avengers Rollover Rumbler RC Car they ordered, but who gets to play with it first? The battle is on! Spiderman is trying to keep the superheroes from fighting but someone else is enjoying the battle from the shadows. While Captain America and Iron Man are feuding, the Monkey Queen Gorilla steals the RC Car and turns Captain America and Ironman into the car and freezes Spiderman! In order to turn back to their normal selves and unfreeze Spiderman, the superheroes will have to learn to work together and drive the car through an obstacle course. Will they be able to work together? Will Monkey Queen Gorilla keep her word or will the superheroes have to defeat her in the end? Watch to find out! Turn on notifications to get the next episode subscribe here Follow SuperHeroKids: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Snapchat: Watch More SuperHeroKids: Skits: Latest Uploads: Popular Videos: Thanks for watching!

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