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Doc and Ova Noss found the worlds Largest land treasure, Filed for and was granted a treasure trove by the government. The Story of a family trying to fight the government to get the treasure before the government got it, Guess who won. This video is compliments of DR. Oren Swearingen and Floyd Mann. Hey if you're like me and don't have enough time or you have the time but don't have enough money to treasure hunt or explore like you would like to. Or if you can't retire because your 401K sucks and social security isn't enough. Then click this link and watch a couple of videos that can help change that. If you would like to change your current situation and willing to partner up with me and a powerful tool involving gold and silver, then call me after watching the video's and let's talk or if you have any questions my phone number is on the bottom of the video page, just click the link to go there. Thanks Terry L. Carter Terry Carter Send info to me at: Terry Carter 51 W. center suit 304 Orem, Utah 84057 If you're going to buy something off of Amazon help support my channel and buy it from this link. It doesn't cost you any more but amazon does give me a little kick back, thanks Subscribe to my you tube channel here: Visit our web pages and forum Also look us up on face book at:

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