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"The Women's Kingdom" takes you inside one of the world's last remaining matriarchal societies. The Mosuo women of southwest China belong to a small ethnic minority that live beyond the strictures of mainstream Chinese culture. Mosuo women don't marry in the traditional sense. They practice what they call a "walking marriage" in which a woman may invite a man to spend the night but he has to leave her house by daybreak. Any resulting children are raised by the woman and her family. This excerpt from the film by Xiaoli Zhou and Brent E. Huffman introduces a particularly memorable, outspoken member of the Mosuo and examines the effects of tourism on this unique society. For more information visit: For more great stories, subscribe to The I Files: JOIN THE CONVERSATION ONLINE: Like The I Files on Facebook: Follow on Twitter: Reblog on Tumblr: Repin on Pinterest: +1 on Google+:

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