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Download #Icarus on iTunes: Listen to #Icarus on Apple Music: For lyrics and english translations read below (or turn on subtitles) ايكاروس (icarus)  المشاريع بتزيد بحجة بكرا بعيد ما بيفهم كيف صار يشبه بيُّه وبعدُه بكل شي بيضيع العين بتشتهي بس ما بتطال الإيد كل الآلات بتغنّيله وبتكبّلُه بأنابيب والغنّية رح تتغنى بكرا مش رح تبقى معنا العين بتشتهي الفرح اللّي بتدّعيه كان المستقبل غير عن ذكريات هزيمة وتجاعيد روّح سنينُه لراحت أسنانُه أخذ ترِين وترِين من بعده وبعده اللحن بيلحقه بيرقص بالسهرة لحالو (كأنه اللحن على الراديو كأنه اللحن على الراديو) بيسأل اللحن على راديو (إن كان بعده بحب نفسه إن بعده راضي بنفسه) كان عندو مشاريع بس الحياة بتصير (شمع وريش - بكرا ما كان هيك) كأنه الزمن عبير بيمرّ وبيرميه من غير تنذير (شمع وريش - بكرا ما كان هيك) اللى مكتوب عالجبين آخرته تشوفه العين (شمع وريش - بكرا ما كان هيك) بتدوب الجوانح كلنا منهبط بلا جياب على الأكفان (شمع وريش - بكرا ما كان هيك) علّمني أغنية الراديو قال لي غنّيها عترابه ICARUS Plans multiply like tomorrow is a lifetime away. Confused that the man in the mirror has come to look like his father, though still lost. The eye desires what the hand can’t reach Baxter machines serenade him and cuff him with tubes But the song bust be sung Come tomorrow, you’ll be gone The eye desires the happiness it fakes ‘Future’ used to mean more than defeated wrinkled retrospection He threw away years till he threw away teeth He took a train, and then another, but the tune still flowed him here. At night he dances alone (as though the machine were a radio) And the song asks in monotone (if he likes who he’s become) He had plans but life happens, Time is as fleeting as a scent that throws you without warning. What is written on our faces Will eventually be realized When our wings melt we fall pocketless into our graves. He taught me the radio song And asked me to sing it at his grave Wax and feathers, tomorrow is not what it used to be.  Music by Mashrou Leila Lyrics by Hamed Sinno Produced by Samy Osta and Mashrou Leila Recorded at La Frette Studios, France by Samy Osta and Mashrou Leila Mixed by Frederic Vectol at Question de Son, Paris Mastered by Mickael Rangeard at Question de Son, Paris Strings performed by the Macedonian Radio Symphonic Orchestra, F.A.M.E. 'S. Project, Skopje Conducted by: Oleg Kondratenko Orchestrated by: Dzijan Emin 3D Work by d­Arkroom 3D Aimation by Caustik . You can follow Mashrou' Leila at the following links: