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Download #Roman on iTunes: Listen to #Roman on Apple Music: ROMAN, new single by Mashrou' Leila: Download and Stream IBN EL LEIL (Deluxe Edition) now: Worldwide: Middle East: Directed by Jessy Mousallem Produced by Clandestino Films and Caviar Executive producers: Wissam Smayra, Ray Barakat, Katie Dolan Director of Photography: Daniel F. Abello Choreographer: Tuixen Benet Dancer: Dorine Aguillar Editor: Carlos Font Clos Colorist: Houmam@MPC Post production: Lucid Post Music by Mashrou Leila Lyrics by Hamed Sinno Recorded at Hotel2Tango by Radwan Ghazi Moumneh Mixed by Firas Abou Fakher and Carl Gerges Mastered by Mickael Rangeard at Question de Son, Paris For lyrics and translations turn on subtitles or scroll down Synopsis: Equality. Solidarity. Intersectionality. #charge مساوة. تضامن. تقاطعية. #عليهم The video self-consciously toys with the intersection of gender with race by celebrating and championing a coalition of Arab and Muslim women, styled to over-articulate their ethnic background, in a manner more typically employed by Western media to victimise them. This seeks to disturb the dominant global narrative of hyper-secularised (white) feminism, which increasingly positions itself as incompatible with Islam and the Arab world, celebrating the various modalities of middle-eastern feminism. The video purposefully attempts to revert the position of the (male) musicians as the heroes of the narrative, not only by subjecting them to the (female) gaze of the director, but also by representing them as individuals who (literally) take the backseat as the coalition moves forward. So while the lyrics of the verses discuss betrayal, struggle, and conflict, the video revolves around the lyrical pivot in the chorus: ‘aleihum (charge!) treating oppression, not as a source of victimhood, but as the fertile ground from which resistance can be weaponised. Credits: Producer: Farah Assaf, Antoine Taylor Sfeir / Post Producer: Razan Hamdan / Assistant Director: Tarek Bou Chebel / Production Manager: Elie Khayat / Production Assistant: Zeina Badran / Key Grip: Elie Eid / Steady Cam Operator: Fares Corbani / Drone Operator: Carlos Rbeiz / Gaffer: Rabih Samaha, Gamma Engineering / Stylist: Moe Rida / Mashrou Leila Stylist: Cynthia Jreige / Wardrobe Assistant: Joseph Assaf / Horse Rider: Coco Germanos / Main Cast: Racha Salhab, Leen Khalifeh, Gabriella Kassab, Reem El Khoury, Nour Salida, Maya Ammar / Main Dancers: Chantal Rabay, Krystel Rabay, Melissa Sofian, Yusra Shireen, Lynn Al Abiad, Pauline Lange / Online Artist: Sebastien Leclercq / Special Thanks: FP7/McCann, Cherif Massoud, Andre Chammas, Melanie Dagher, Ayla Hibri, Toni Sfeir, Jack Nammour/ Smallville Hotel, U-group Travel, Crepaway, P’tit Creux, Yaraqa, Fadel Makki Lyrics: مش ناوي إبلع أكاذيبك الكلام رح يحرق حلقي مش ناوي شرّح نواياك خلّي لسانك بقفصه خلّي الوقت الذي أعطيته لك وأخنق النفس التي كنتها لك بسّ قبل ما تقبرني قلّ لي شو كان سعري عليهم عليهم عليهم عليهم الدود ينحت جسدي الأرض تحضن جلدي كيف بتبيعني للرومان الدود ينحت جسدي الأرض تحضن جلدي كيف خسرتك للرومان عليهم عليهم عليهم عليهم كيف بتبيعني للرومان كيف خسرتك للرومان I don't intend to swallow your lies The words would sting my throat. I won’t dissect your intentions; Leave your tongue in its cage. You can keep the time I gave you; Strangle what self I was for you, But before you lay me to rest, Tell me what cost I came at. Charge Charge Charge Charge Worms sculpt my body now. The earth cradles my skin. Why'd you sell me to the romans? Worms sculpt my body now. The earth cradles my skin. How'd I lose you to the romans? Charge Charge Charge Charge Why'd you sell me to the romans? How'd I lose you to the romans? ـــــــــــــ You can follow Mashrou' Leila at the following links: Official Facebook: Official Twitter: Official Instagram : Official Youtube:

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