Mashrou' Leila - Aoede (Live at AUB Assembly Hall) | مشروع ليلى - أيودي 🎥 dugArlKviaLUhYes | Channify

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Download #Aoede on iTunes: Listen to #Aoede on Apple Music: Subscribe to Mashrou' Leila Official Channel : Aoede by Mashrou' Leila performed, recorded and filmed live at the Assembly Hall in the American University of Beirut for the AUB150th Anniversary Documentary Film. Choir arranged and Conducted by Paul Tyan Recorded by Wissam Jarrah Pro Tools Operator and System: Mohamad Khatam Audio Assistant: Fadi Awad A Sisu Beirut Production Director: Toni Öyry Producer: François Monayer Director Of Photography: Damoun Ghaoui Camera Operators: David Hanna Camille Cabbabé Lighting: Platform Studios Gaffer: Elie Merhi Camera Assistant: Joseph Anti Assistant Director: George Barbari Production Assistants: Mounia Abou Rahal Dikranouhi Kurkjian François Bresse Melissa Abdallah Editor: Roy Jamhouri Color: Lila Post Colorist: Khalil Abourrousse AUB Office of Communication: Randa Zaiter AUB Project Coordinator: Eliane Saadeh Supporting Vocalists: Eliane Saadeh Members of the Arabic Ensemble of the Zaki Nassif Program for Music: Hashem Abdul Kader Rami Abi Jomaa Omar Abi Farraj Youssef Achkar Dina Abi Farraj Wissam Zien Ldeen Rami Saleh Members of the AUB Choir and Choral Society: Marie Abou Khaled Cynthia Khalil Catherine Otayek : كلمات الأغنية أيودي خذ العباب عني أنا أسيـر مرايتي أيودي أيودي عم برجع ناديلك إعتقني شياطيني بسقي بدمّها ترابك لعلّه ينمى لحني أيودي جازيني سَيطر على فمي جازي العباد الكلمات تنفَّس بس الحياة تنفُّس كلّمني كلّمني طيفك بيِرعبْني شفته عطول عمري لو بس يسـامرني عسى الكلام يرعاني أيودي واسيني درِّ الكلام منّي جازي العباد Wash this flood off of me I am my mirror’s prisoner Aoede Aoede Again I summon you Bleed out my demons to water your grave Perchance to sow a melody Aoede Reward me Conquer my mouth Reward your acolyte If words be breath And life be breath Speak to me Speak to me Your ghost frightens me Though you’ve always been a ghost If only it spoke to me, the words might raise me Aoede Comfort me Bleed out the words within me Reward those who pray ـــــــــــــ You can follow Mashrou' Leila at the following links: Official Website : Official Facebook: Official Twitter: Official Instagram : Official Google+: Official Youtube:

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