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Here's a great liver and onions recipe that you will love. I know it looks like a prop from a Freddy Kruger movie, but it's chock full of nutrients, easy to prepare, and delicious. Growing up in the southern USA I ate a lot of liver and onions. If you didn't grow up eating liver and onions, the idea probably doesn't sound very appealing, but it's worth giving a try if you're at all curious. Here's a simple liver recipe with just a little oil, seasoning, hint of flour, and a whole lot of onion. This liver recipe cooks up quickly. The onions take a little more time, but even so, it's a quick and easy dish to prepare. And liver is a superfood, for reals. A printable copy of this liver and onions recipe can be found at And for more easy recipes check out the Chef Buck playlist: and to print all Chef Buck recipes visit my website at Connect with this media to catch all of my videos...thanks: MY OTHER YOUTUBE CHANNEL: FACEBOOK TWITTER INSTAGRAM GOOGLE+ PRINT RECIPES AT MY WEBSITE: RECIPE PLAYLISTS: What you need for this Liver and Onions Recipe BEEF LIVER (buy skinned and deveined liver, and thicker cuts are easier to handle) ONIONS (lots of onions) FLOUR (just a light dusting, use almond flour for a gluten free recipe) SALT PEPPER COOKING OIL How Cook Liver and Onions Wash and pat dry the liver. Cut liver into palm sized pieces for easy handling in the skillet. Bread liver lightly with seasoned flour. Heat oil in a skillet on medium heat. Add liver and cook about 2 minutes on each side, or until liver if firm, but still slightly pink inside. Remove liver and place on a paper towel. Add onions to the skillet and saute until carmelized. Return liver to the skillet and heat through with the onions. Plate liver and top with onions. That's it! Give this liver and onions recipe a try and let me know what you think, and bon appétit! Tips for Buying and Cooking Liver Buy paler liver for milder flavor. The darker the liver, the stronger the flavor. "Calf liver" is milder, but more expensive than "beef liver". Buy "de-veined" liver; this will reduce some of the chewiness. If you can't find liver in your butcher's meat case, check the frozen section. Beef liver is often sold frozen. You can marinate beef liver in milk for a milder flavor. Cook liver until it is firm, but still slightly pink inside. Overcooked liver can be chewy. Benefits of Liver Liver is a nutrient powerhouse: a protein superfood. It is packed with vitamins B12 and A. Liver is high in iron, zinc, copper, and folic acid. Liver is an excellent source of protein. Eat liver to prevent or treat anemia. Does liver sound gross? Remember, liver does not store toxins, but acts as a filter, and eating liver will benefit your own liver function. Thanks for checking out this liver and onions recipe and video. If you liked the dish, click a button or two below and share it with your friends. I appreciate it, thanks! --Chef Buck

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