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We welcome you to our channel. We proudly present our latest video and music👌😍 Please Enjoy💖💖 Today's Music is tuned to 528Hz Solfeggio Frequency. 528Hz frequency was utilized by the ancient healers and priests in the advanced civilizations for the creation of miraculous manifestations based on imaginations, envision, and intention. The frequency is still used in the modern-day for a similar reason. You can read more here about the 528Hz Frequency There are times when one reflects and they realize modern-day technology has been an essential study tool. Matching to my classes was never ideal, but listening to morning meditation music when studying will optimize your cognitive processes. Morning music will help you to concentrate; thus, you will have the ability to process information faster and better throughout the day. The brain is hooked on balanced yet harmonic music stimulation. Various musical frequencies in the morning help the brain work in a better way. The next time you are about to sit for an early morning exam, why not try out a morning meditation music and experience the magical sensations it brings? Listening to morning meditation music daily for some weeks will leave you reaping the musical benefits. You will feel more focused, an inner body calmness, and in a position to manage stress in an effective way. ----------------------------------- So you are looking for *Royalty-Free Music* for your Youtube channel ore other Projects you have? With the Music bought from Nature Healing Society Royalty-Free Music store, You can MONETIZE Your YOUTUBE/FACEBOOK any other Social Platform With the Purchased Content. Here is the Link: They will ad New fresh content each week🙏😍 ----------------------------------- Welcome To AuraRelaxLibrary. The purpose and responsibility of this channel is delivering content that raises vibration and helps our community grow and heal with the amazing healing properties of solfeggio frequencies, affirmations, and binaural beats. Our content is made for healing, meditation, positive energy, yoga, relaxation, sleep, and much more. We hope you find something that resonates with you. We are all one. Thank you for being here. Infinite love, AuraRelaxLibrary -------------------------------------- WHAT ARE THE SOLFEGGIO FREQUENCIES: INFO ON 432HZ MUSIC: INFO ON 528HZ MUSIC: WHAT is Meditation, How Meditation Can Change Your Life Forever: ----------------------------------- Remember to save your Playlist - Enjoy our playlists! ----------------------------------- Why you Shud Listening to Meditation Music Regularly?   Meditation should be a regular and continuous part of life. When you spend time on the still meditation states, it offer you a profound healing effect. Meditation music restores your system, leaving you in a balanced state and with a positive outlook on life. Meditation has been proved to be the antidote in stressful situations, especially those from bad energy. Meditating releases muscle tension, it lowers respiration and the blood pressure, minimizes the stress hormones, and also regulates fight-flight reactivity. With minimized levels of stress hormones, meditation leaves you with a general view of life. When coming up with a planner, don’t forget to include a daily meditation routine. ----------------------------------- AuraRelaxLibrary Is a group of friends that got together to create something beautiful. We are passionate about the meditation & healing community. Our channel aims to provide high quality and genuine content that was created for the specific purpose of healing and meditation. Thank you for being a part of our Community! AuraRelaxLibrary

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