Hillary Clinton in Black History 🎥 clinton says unborn children | Channify

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A summary of Hillary Clinton's role in the recent history of African Americans. Follow me on Twitter at @JeanetteJing Watch Hillary Clinton's Foreign Policy experience: https://youtu.be/pIRfeVcG-eM Watch Hillary Clinton's Debate Lies https://youtu.be/hGC2vg27bFI Video features: Yvette Carnell is at @YvetteDC and http://www.yourblackworld.net/ as well as Yvette Carnell YT channel. Ben Dixon (voiceover) is at @TheBPDshow and YouTube Channel "The Benjamin Dixon Show" Professor Michelle Alexander is on Twitter at @thenewjimcrow Robert Scheer is @Robert_Scheer and truthdig.com Keith Olbermann is @KeithOlbermann

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