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WIN FREE SHADES!â–ºhttp://goo.gl/Ko1NI4 MY LAST VID!â–ºhttp://goo.gl/CJJFOj JOIN THE CREW!â–ºhttp://goo.gl/5ByJb Social Media- Twitter â–ºhttp://twitter.com/Overboardhumor Instagram â–ºhttp://instagram.com/Overboardhumor Facebook â–ºhttps://www.facebook.com/Overboardhumor Vine â–ºhttps://vine.co/v/hiYKYEiUbi0 Thanks for watching I love you all. My mission with this channel is to spread laughter to as many people as we can! Business emailâ–ºoverboardhumor@gmail.com Send me Stuff! 26741 Portola Pkwy. Ste.1E#633 Foothill Ranch, Ca 92610 United States Woah your still reading? Thank you for watching all my prank pranks pranked pranking super funny insane videos of overboard awesomeness. I love going out in public and being different even if people sometimes shit there pants at the sight of a video camera or camcorder. It's treated like a damn gun in some cases but it's are worth making you guys laugh smile giggle and poop your pants in some rare cases anyway thanks see you soon with another video!

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