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A never ending nightmare as several tornadoes threaten Canton Texas one after another. The third and largest tornado ripped down a transmission tower and was the scariest tornado I've ever witnessed. For licensing video contact [email protected] April 29, 2017 A stationary boundary positioned over the town of Canton Texas would serve as a track for tornadoes to train down one after another. High precipitation supercells with low cloud bases, tracking swiftly over forrest terrain created a worst case scenario for locals and storm chasers. TORNADO 1: The first tornado I witnessed was small and rain wrapped causing only EF0 damage to trees and barns east of Canton. After this weak tornado dissipated a large tornado was developing upstream and racing toward town. TORNADO 2: The second tornado I witnessed was heavily shrouded and badly damaged houses right behind me. It would eventually strengthen to one of the most powerful tornadoes of 2017, leveling a two story brick home and sweeping much of the foundation clean of debris. Two people would lose their lives before this EF4 finally dissipated. Meanwhile, another powerful tornado was developing near Eustace Texas only a few miles from where the last tornado developed. TORNADO 3: The third tornado I witnessed was a brief rope satellite south of Canton on highway 19. It was difficult to see and not shown in this video, however I will likely include it in my "Tornadoes of 2017" video. TORNADO 4: The forth tornado I witnessed was the main event in this video. While attempting to find a closer clearing to view this tornado, I miscalculated it's ground speed. This was a needless gamble on my part placing me too close to a fast moving, rapidly intensifying wedge and directly in its path. the tornado would track up highway 19 toward Canton and after crossing the road it would tear down a transmission tower. It would expand to over a mile wide as it swallowed the Rustic Barn, a family event venue. 20 people including a couple babies would seek shelter inside a bathroom. Everyone would survive. The tornado eventually crossed interstate 20 killing 2 people and striking a Dodge dealership tossing cars up to a half a mile. The small community of Fruitvale was also in the damage path. That's were I helped assist some victims. TORNADO 5: ...Was a brief suction tornado in Fruitvale TX tracking close to the previous wedge tornado's damage. FRUITVALE TEXAS TORNADO RELIEF (UPDATE June 19th 2018) Mustang and Harley raffle has ended. Vicki and Jim are still trying to rebuild their life. You can help them out here... Music by: Hank Schyma, Dan Workman and Christine Wu.

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