When Nature Strikes Back - Episode #105: Freak Waves 🎥 c-njZ4wraxsOgCS2Kd | Channify

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Today scientists working with wave pools and mathematical models have proven that gigantic freak waves can form in the ocean, seemingly out of nowhere, as high as 35 meters. Subscribe for more! http://bit.ly/JansonYouTube New discoveries may help to make collisions between freak waves and ships predictable, and avoidable. In this four-DVD set, Dr. David Suzuki leads a group of children on twelve field trips to discover different aspects of the environment and learn how we are all "connected" to nature. Subscribe for more! http://bit.ly/JansonYouTube Through their adventures, the children learn to appreciate their relationship with the environment and what they can do to protect it. The collection is designed to inform, stimulate and motivate parents and their children to take up an environmental project. It encourages the natural instinct children have for discovery, and increases their awareness of the beautiful and complex web of life and our place in it.

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