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On the morning of 13 June 1994 LAPD reached O.J. Simpson by phone at the O'Hare Plaza Hotel in Chicago to inform him that his ex-wife Nicole had been killed. After hearing this news, Mr. Simpson arranged to take the next flight from Chicago to Los Angeles. Mr. Simpson arrived at his home in the Brentwood section of Los Angeles as LAPD officers were executing a search warrant. After speaking with detectives, Mr. Simpson agreed to travel with detectives to Parker Center to be formally interviewed. Mr. Simpson traveled to Parker Center in a car with the detectives while his lawyer followed in a separate vehicle. Against the advice of his attorney, Mr. Simpson agreed to be interviewed by LAPD detectives without a lawyer present. While there is no record of the discussions between Mr. Simpson and the detectives while at the Simpson estate or in the car while driving to Parker Center, the interview/interrogation was recorded. The audio establishes that prior to the formal recorded interview, despite Mr. Simpson asking the detectives what happened/how Nicole was killed, police refused to tell him. It is important to understand that at the time this interview occurred, none of the news reports had yet to state or speculate the manner which Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were killed (stabbing) and none had yet revealed the specific area of 875 South Bundy that the bodies were found. The audio of Mr. Simpson's interrogation by LAPD has never been widely available and the complete, unedited interrogation has never been broadcast; only specific soundbites have ever been played by the news media. This is the exclusive presentation is the complete, unedited 13 June 1994 interrogation of O.J. Simpson by LAPD Detectives Phil Vannatter and Tom Lange. After watching this exclusive presentation, viewers are encouraged to watch "LAPD Interrogation of O.J. Simpson : 3 Things That Make You Go HMMM" which is an epilogue to this film which highlights the three most significant takeaways from the interrogation and provides additional facts which demonstrate the importance of each. "LAPD Interrogation of O.J. Simpson : 3 Things That Make You Go HMMM..." (Runtime: 4 minutes) can be viewed here: Questions? Feedback? Please contact Brian Heiss at:

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