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World's first working, practical, and patented magnetic engine. Green energy. *U.S. Patent No. 8,487,484 B1* NOTE: Please keep in mind that this is an on-going project, therefore this engine has not been perfect, nor has it been completed, and the engines presented in these videos merely demonstrate the principles outlines in the patent, with the exception of a worm drive mechanism (depicted on fig. 14). This engine is NOT represented as a perpetual motion machine. Credits: Marc Miller, Alexander Miller, Mike Kilroy [Kilroy Corp. Electronics], Walter Duft PA Patents, Ray Tobin - Mechanic, Jan Hawk [Hawk Diesel] Veröffentlicht am 15.07.2016 *U.S. Patent No. 8,487,484 B1* ----------------------------------------------------------- The Research for the AHBA COIL Credits to: DANIEL NUNEZ JosteinZG, Rodrigo Luque, Rolland Gregg, humanproductions, MrWarrensk, LemonKush135, shadym1lkman, netremo, MagnetResearch3, Anton Miroshnichenko, rwg42985, artepakt, TheOldScientist, Jack Scholze, flashguru1970, firepinto, J Price, MARCO RODIN and RANDY POWELL

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