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This is the astonishing moment hundreds of hungry wild monkeys scramble for a single piece of food. The primates are normally well fed by tourists in the city of Lopburi, central Thailand, but visitors have plummeted because of the coronavirus.So when one of the primates had a juicy banana, the entire pack that roam around the streets surrounded the creature this morning (March 11) and tried to snatch it.Footage shows how hundreds of monkeys began tussling for the snack. When one of the animals fled with it, the creatures chased it up a grass bank.Even locals who are used to seeing the creatures were shocked by their ferocity. oNE said: ''They looked more like wild dogs than monkeys. They went crazy for the single piece of food. I've never seen them this aggressive. I think the monkeys were very, very hungry. There's normally a lot of tourists here to feed the monkeys but now there are not as many, because of the coronavirus.'' ------------------------------------------------------------------ Thank you for watching this video on ViralPress! Join our community by sending your videos and following us on YouTube. To license this video please email [email protected] SUBMIT YOUR VIDEOS: LIKE ON FACEBOOK: SUBSCRIBE:

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