DOTA 2 BATTLEPASS VOICE LINES: Dendi Translates 🎥 c-Wz5hrXn93dMt4jAE | Channify

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What dota2 chatwheel do you use? Are you a chat wheel spammer like dota 2 pros? Do you ever wonder what lines Dendi likes to use the most? Or what the russian chat wheel even means!? SirActionSlacks is coming to YOUR rescue with a look at dota 2 pro gameplay: inside the chat wheel meta. Plus Dendi can actually translate all the voice lines, and even has some insight into where they happened and what they mean to the community! We Won't Pay - Looking for more Dendi insight? Dendi's 7.27 patch notes - Dendi coaches Slacks on Qop - Dendi rates pudge cosmetics - Dendi breaks down the epic OG vs Secret divine rapier comeback - BONUS Dota talent tries to guess if tweets are from deep slacks or slacks - Part 1 Part 2 Follow us on: 👉Twitter - 👉Instagram - Dig this video and want more like it?

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