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She Tried To Mess With A Royal Guard... Put in place to protect the royal family, the guards are a symbol of London and are some of the highest trained soldiers in the world. In fact, if an absent-minded tourist doesn't stay out of their way, they have all the right to use force and knock them over. But some people like to push the boundaries, so sit back and relax as we count down some of the craziest encounters with the queen's royal guards (Beefeaters), from them getting mad to breaking character and everything in between! 📌Subscribe to never miss a video! 🖤Leave us a like if you enjoyed:) 🎈Comment your favorite down below! Karen angry at royal guard, Queens guard, queen guard, royal guard, royal guards, beefeater, mess with a beefeater, messing with royal guards, mess with queen's guard, don't mess with queens guards, what happens when you mess with the queens guards, messing with queen's guards, make way for the queen's guards, royal guard attack, royal guard fight, royal guard trolling, queen guard fight, royal guard moments, don't mess with guard, duty soldier, Yeomen Warders, royal guard best moments, queen guard best moments, best royal guards, beefeater fights, royal guard shouting, royal guard laughing, royal guard breaking character, funny, royal guard talking, royal guard getting angry, queens guard moments!

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