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In this video, I share 6 things I gave up to get out of debt. DISCLAIMER: I am NOT debt free yet. This video shares the choices I've made to stay focused on getting out of debt. These are things I don't buy to save money and get rid of debt. SIGN UP for Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University: https://www.daveramsey.com/fpu/?snid=... DOWNLOAD Budgeting Forms: http://bit.ly/2QkYre8 DOWNLOAD the Every Dollar Software: https://www.everydollar.com/ If you have any questions or requests please leave them in the comment section. I hope you all enjoyed this talk through budget report card. Please Subscribe and Like!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------- WATCH MY FINANCIAL PEACE JOURNEY FROM THE BEGINNING How I Fell Back into $208,453.27 Debt (Part 1) // https://youtu.be/XSgBkYc7egw How I Fell Back into $208,453.27 Debt (Part 2) // https://youtu.be/T5i8XOg9oz8 My First Budget OCT. 2017// https://youtu.be/6j17gNRXtxo My 2018 Financial Goals // https://youtu.be/kYzxM1DroKw My Debt Snowball Update - March 2018 // https://youtu.be/FBA0uLCca_I -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Disclaimer: Honesty is awesome, so I share numbers and dollars in this post. I trust you’ll honor my honesty. Just so we’re clear, everything filmed here is based on my personal experiences + opinions. Not everything I say here will work for you, but I have faith that you’ll take the information presented and apply some of it to your own finances in a new and creative way.