USAF B1-B Lancer EARTH SHATTERING Full Afterburner takeoff! 🎥 c-Eq6urUskICptvFN2 | Channify

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The legendary B1-B Lancer performing its insane FULL AFTERBURNER takeoff, that is without a shadow of a doubt the most earth shattering takeoff i have ever experienced! Be sure to turn the speakers up on FULL. The B1-B arrived into the Avalon Airport to be on static display during the 2017 Avalon Airshow. It was however touch and go on weather it was to depart, as it was suffering an engine issue during the morning and risked missing its refuelling tanker on the way to Guam. Thankfully they got her working and she most certainly put on an epic show for departure! Please rate comment and subscribe if you enjoyed the video!

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