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Thrilling tornado documentary from the 2019 tornado Alley storm chasing season and other storms across the globe. Adventurer Pecos Hank follows weather patterns around the world on a quest for the Endless Storm Season. 2019 was the fourth most active year on record in the United States with 1502 confirmed tornadoes. SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL: COPYRIGHT PECOS HANK LLC 2020 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TO LICENCE FOOTAGE contact [email protected] 2019 TORNADO INFORMATION: In 2019, 1502 tornadoes were tallied in the United states. The fourth most active year on record. With those, there were 42 tornado-related fatalities. May 17th marked the beginning of a historic widespread and prolonged severe weather outbreak. For the first time in the Storm Prediction Center’s history a threat of severe weather was introduced for their entire 8 day outlook (on 14 May 2019). On May 30th the historic tornado streak in the US ended. The previous 13 days all recorded at least 8 tornadoes. In less than 2 weeks, 391 tornadoes were confirmed including 18 EF3s and 2 EF4s. 2019 TORNADO ALLEY SCIENTIFIC FIELD OPERATIONS: Headed by Dr. Anton Seimon, a team of storm chasers including Dr. Tracie Seimon, Skip Talbot, Jennifer Brindley Ulb and Hank Schyma began field operations in Tornado Alley with the objective of gathering near-surface wind field data around tornadoes. On May 28th, the team hit the jackpot near Tipton Kansas. That morning the SPC outlined a moderate risk of severe weather with a 10% significant tornado threat in the northeastern Kansas vicinity. Skip Talbot and Dr. Anton Seimon made a tough call to chase further west in the lesser 5% outlook with intentions of avoiding messy high precipitation storm modes and thick chaser traffic. This decision paid off as the team documented multiple highly visible tornadoes, including an up close encounter with a strengthening tornado. "The data the team collected is currently being processed by Dr. John Allen and his students at Central Michigan University to create a model of 3-dimensional particle motions close to the surface as the tornado intensifies and then inflicts damage to the farmstead.  The results should add new insights on the air motions responsible for the damage patterns observed — something that is not possible to ascertain with even the best mobile Doppler radars." GREEN GHOST / NEW TRANSIENT LUMINOUS EVENT DISCOVERY: On 25 May 2019, Hank Schyma documented a never before cited green afterglow proceeding large red sprite events. In the several months following, TLE photographer Paul Smith would also document numerous others. In collaboration, Hank Schyma and Paul Smith have named them GHOSTs. This acronym in the works stands for Green emissions of(from) excited Oxygen in Sprite streamer Tops. This name also keeps in the theme of other transient luminous events namely sprites, trolls, pixies and ELEVES. A scientific paper is currently in the works and expected to be published soon. Music scored by Pecos Schyma 1. "Theme From The Endless Summer" performed by Pecos Hank 2. "Angel's Serenade" by Southern Backtones 3. "El Reno Blues" by Pecos Hank 4. "Honky Tonk Blood" by Johnny Falstaff 5. "La MalĂ©diction de la Danse du Poulet" ny Pecos Hank 6. "Glamorous Adagio" by Southern Backtones 7. "Something" performed by Spencer Schyma on Ukulele 8. "Won't Pray Adagio" by Southern Backtones 9. "Theme from Crocodile Dundee" performed by Pecos Hank 10. "Bandera" by Southern Backtones

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