New TOP 8 St. Maarten spectacular JET BLAST Challenge ranking at Maho Beach Princess Juliana Airport 🎥 c-56ZaRD0e9PHM2AbC | Channify

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New short compressed version of extreme jet blast influence to people behind 8 starting aircraft and a lot of detailed close-up view multiple aircraft, recorded from many different positions. In comparison to the original 22 Minutes video, with many unique aircraft landings footages and impression of great SXM Airport and Maho Beach , is this version concentrated to the aircraft takeoff with resulting jet blast to the people at the fence or on the beach. 5 Million people watched my 8 introduced jet blast videos and some voted with 6 to 10 points for the most spectacular one. This video shows the ranking results with an unbelievable outcome. St. Maarten International Airport SXM the most famous airport for plane spotter and aircraft interested people. The most visitors at the unique Maho Beach come with a cruise ship to Philipsburg and visit this attraction and enjoy aircraft landing and takeoff from the famous Maho Beach Sunset Bar. Many thanks for watching and I hope you like it. For free support, please use one of the following Amazon affiliate links* for your next product independent purchase * Video equipment used: My 4K Handycam * My action camera * My 4K Ultra Camcorder * My full frame sensor camera * Lens mount converter * Lenses extender * My super-telephoto zoom lens * My directional microphone * My tripod * My video cutting-software: * (* = affiliate-links/advertising links) As an Amazon partner, I earn from qualified sales Please find the following link to previous interesting teaser video with answers to the questions below: - What is a jet blast? - What makes SXM Airport so famous and unique? - Where do the people on Maho Beach come from? Here are some direct links to the placed airlines and planes: 00:00 Jet blast ranking trailer 01:22 Place #8 7.81 Points - JetBlue Airways – Airbus A320 02:26 Place #7 8.08 Points - United Airlines – Boeing 737 03:57 Place #6 8.17 Points - Delta Airlines – Boeing 757 04:52 Place #5 8.86 Points – American Airlines – Boeing 757 05:58 Place #4 8.92 Points – American Airlines – Airbus A330 07:32 Aircraft changing Air France, KLM and Insel Air to/from SXM 08:17 Place #3 8.94 Points - Air France – Airbus A330 09:27 Place #2 9.16 Points – KLM – Boeing 747 10:55 Place #1 9.17 Points – Insel Air - MD-80 (The points are the according average of the voters for each plane) Link to my homepage:

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