Screechers Wild! Season 1 Episode 1 | A Car Is Born | HD Full Episodes 🎥 c-3Fj1nOxBf57SiGzM | Channify

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It’s twenty minutes in the future in a blue-sky world, and Screechers Wild competitions are all the rage. Xander and Ringo are brothers who live in Zephyr City where the most important competitions happen, but can't yet compete themselves. Until, one night, everything changes. Created and produced by Alpha Group Co. Ltd. © 2018 Alpha Group Co. Ltd. All Rights Reserved US Voice Services by Todd Resnick and The Voice Company Theme Song: “Screechers Wild!” Performed by Zack Shada Written and Produced by Linus Dotson, Rob Hudnut and Gabriel Mann All New Screechers Toys are available now at Target, Walmart, and Amazon! The only vehicles that transform into creatures with explosive, 360-degree flip morphing action!

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