Boris Brejcha live mix at Gipsy in Moscow. Virtual reality 5.7k 360° video FULL MIX HQ 🎥 Best German Underground | Channify

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Boris Brejcha in concert. Moscow 2021. Gypsy club. Plunge into the world of techno legendary Boris Brejcha. This recording is just a flash. The whole concert took place in one breath. This is full version of the concert in 360 ° format - you can completely immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the party using virtual reality glasses. 0:00 Hold Your Speakers 6:15 Afterlife 11:03 Down Low 16:50 Superblast 22:37 Hashtag 26:11 Cocoloco 33:00 Nothing Seems To Be 38:40 The Meaning of Life 44:11 Never Look Back 49:15 Blue Lake 54:49 Space Diver 59:53 Gravity 1:07:30 Take It Smart 1:12:54 Be F.L.A.M.E. 1:18:40 Redemption 1:26:40 You Will Rise 1:35:11 Purple Noise 1:42:35 The Troublemakerz 1:48:23 Thunderstorm

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