Vaping Industry Makes Its Case (HESA - 2018) 🎥 aspire refill | Channify

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The future of the vaping industry in Canada is on the line as Bill S-5 rounds the final turn on its way to becoming law. Canada's new federal vaping regulations are before the House of Commons Standing Committee on Health this week and today representatives from the vaping industry made the case for a vaping as a safer alternative to smoking. Marc Kealey and Boris Giller from the Canadian Vaping Association weighed in on retail standards, certification and the importance of flavours, while Sherwin Edwards from Vapselect Inc. argued vaping has been unfairly demonized in the press. HESA MPs tossed a few hardballs, see how the industry reacted-on RegWatch by Produced by: Brent Stafford Released Feb 14, 2018 #RegWatch #Vaping

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