Meet The Sperminator...He Has 29 Kids With 24 Women And Claims Them All! | The Maury Show 🎥 Society News | Channify

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In a "Social Sit-down" Ari Nagel, better known as the Sperminator, discusses with Maury why he has made it his life's mission to impregnate any woman who asks for his seed. To date he has 29 children with 24 women and 3 on the way Subscribe NOW to The Maury Show: Watch The Maury Show week days! Check your local listings for show times: #Maury20 #MaurysOn Get more of The Maury Show: Follow The Maury Show : Like The Maury Show: The Maury Show on Instagram: SnapChat: @OfficialMaury Visit The Maury Show website: The Maury Show explores compelling relationships and family issues including: sexual infidelity, out-of-control teens, domestic violence, paternity testing and much more!

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