Secret Brazil: Jaguar, the king of the Pantanal | Animal documentary - Part 1/2 🎥 Soccer Sports | Channify

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Pantanal is the largest wetland on the planet. Located in the heart of Brazil - South of the Amazon Basin - this nature heaven spreads it’s area across the borders of Paraguay and Bolivia. Year after year the arrival of heavy rains brings an incredible metamorphosis to this land, transforming it in an astonishing underwater realm inhabited by a surprising array of aquatic creatures. Lawrence Wahba and Haroldo Palo Jr, two Brazilian wild life cinematographers embark on a journey to film how these creatures survive the challenge of living in an ever-changing environment that dries every year and the dramatic milestones of their lives. Subscribe to the channel: Follow us on Facebook: Click here for more documentaries: Life in the Pantanal – the Planet’s largest wetland – is ruled by a merciless cycle of inundation and desiccation, forcing the animals to adapt to constant changes in their habitat. Dive deep into the heart of the Pantanal with renowned wildlife filmmakers Haroldo Palo Jr. and Lawrence Wahba to experience this cycle over one whole year living alongside the Jabiru, the Jaguar and the Caiman. Discover the secrets of the wild through the Air, on Earth and in the Water in one of the richest natural sanctuaries. Original title: Underwater jewels of Pantanal © 2012, Licensed by TERRANOA This episode is part of the series "Secret Brazil - Wild Pantanal"

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