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In the May 18th issue of ROLLING STONE Magazine, Rich Wiseman reviewed WATERMARK, wherein he called Art's third solo album his "best solo LP" to date. Speaking with Wiseman, Jimmy Webb described WATERMARK as 'highly esoteric' before shyly venturing that he considered it a 'major work'." Wiseman continued, Well, the encouraging sales figures would seem to indicate that the album isn't as limited in appeal as Webb may have feared. And that's good, because WATERMARK contains some very worthy pop music. Garfunkel, a longtime admirer of Webb, appreciates these songs and his commitment to them shines through in both his singing and his intelligent production. WATERMARK is at once creamily thick and as light as a soufflé. The uncluttered, subtly textured sound is no small achievement. Watermark cruises from the upbeat dreaminess of 'Saturday Suit' through the moodiness of 'Wooden Planes' to the evergreen coolness of 'She Moved Through the Fair', a traditional Irish folk song.

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