Nomad Builds Highly Functional Stealth Camper Conversion from a Ford E350 Work Van. 🎥 Science Technology | Channify

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Tyler was sick of sky rocketing rental prices in Vancouver canada, so he bought an old city work van and spent six months converting the E-350 van into a highly functional stealth camper van. This tiny home is fully equipped with rain water catchment, pressurized water, shower, fold out bed, kitchen, collapsible dinning table. and every thing else a Tiny house would need. Though out my time with Tyler I could tell that he spent uncountable hours researching through youtube videos and intelligent thought to put the van together the way he had. This van is a true testament to the comfort possible in Van Life. Thanks Tyler for the tour of your Van home. OUR WEBSITE Watch my Documentary about #Vanlife for Free! If you want help with your tiny home or vehicle conversion DM Tyler on his instagram account Support this free content via PayPal Essential Vanlife and Off the Grid Supply list! - Huge shout out to my patreons this month! Mike (the nomad sharpener) , Jennifer Stevens, and Maggie flinn Become a patreon! :: Film making equipment :: Sony A5100 - camera stabilizer - Shotgun microphone - audio recorder - Shock mount - Audio Recorder mount - Glide cam - Gorilla Pod - 64 GB SD card -

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