Abandoned- Californian/Gentleman`s Bungalow! Built 1925/Immaculate vintage interiors! Celler too! 🎥 Science Technology | Channify

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This is one of the more elaborate examples of the Californian Bungalow style which dominated Adelaide`s growth from around 1916-1930 before Tudor and Art deco became the flavors. These more elaborate bungalows are also known as "Gentleman`s Bungalows" and the bungalow is found all over Adelaide and some entire streets are lined with them which shows how prominent they were. This style moved away drastically from the more ornate late Victorian and Edwardian style Villas for a more simplified building style to enable a cheaper bank loan aimed at returning soldiers form WW1. Unfortunately for the more elaborate ones like this that sit on huge lots they get targeted for redevelopment. This one has the most intricate and eye pleasing interiors ive seen so far if I had to pick one. It seems when this home was built no expense was too much and Grand was the aim! And it was achieved. As far as some research has shown a resident was living here about a year ago and thank goodness no vandalism or graffiti has been done. I also found another kitchen root seller by accident this time. :-) Take a look in this amazing old Bungalow with me! Enjoy :-)

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