[3N] If You Like Railroad Dramas, This Is for You! Hull - Comer, GA, 08/20/2016 ©mbmars01 🎥 Science Technology | Channify

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Warning! This is a complex story - made by CSX. It plays on the central section of the Abbeville Subdivision. You should really take the time to watch it completely. Otherwise you won't understand the story line. Well, I didn't understand it either and I spent 6 hours live on the line, trying to get a clue. Anyway, you'll see 6 trains: Manifests Q667-19 and Q675-19, autoracks Q210-19 and Q211-18, and coal trains E320-17 and U740-19. [© 2016 MBMARS Productions. Exclusive rights for YouTube channel "mbmars01" only.]

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