Cargo Ramp Marshalling - Cathay Pacific Cargo Gate Arrival [B-LJA] at O'Hare Airport [05.22.2015] 🎥 Science Technology | Channify

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My sincerest apologies to all my subscribers - I have been very, very busy lately with 2 full-time jobs, school, and some personal issies I'm dealing with, but I still do my best to watch as many of your videos as possible, and capture new footage for you. Here's something to keep you guys watching (I hope!). Here I am at my ramp job marshalling Cathay Pacific Cargo's "Hong Kong Trader" into its stand at the South Central Cargo Ramp at Chicago O'Hare International / Int'l Airport ( KORD / ORD ). Here she is operating into Chicago - O'Hare International / Int'l Airport (KORD / ORD ) as Cathay Pacific 93 Heavy from Rickenbacker Intenational / Int'l Airport ( KLCK / LCK ). This is what we call a "transit flight" because it originated at Hong Kong Chep Lap Kok International / Int'l Airport ( VHHH / HKG ) with a refueling stopover at Anchorage - Ted Stevens International / Int'l Airport ( PANC / ANC ) in Alaska before proceeding to LCK where some cargo was offloaded. The aircraft was once again refueled, and fresh cargo bound for HKG was loaded. At ORD, we offloaded the rest of the original import cargo from HKG and loaded some freight bound for Hong Kong, while keeping the freight that was loaded in Columbus, Ohio onboard. B-LJA is a Boeing 747-867F, the 1427th Boeing 747 ever built. She is powered by four ( 4 ) General Electric GEnx turbofan engines. Hong Kong Trader's first flight was in November of 2011 after which she was delivered to CX on the 14th of the month, and ferried to Hong Kong over the next 2 days. THIS VIDEO IS THE PROPERTY OF YouTube user joseg2143 AND MAY NOT BE COPIED, DOWNLOADED, TRANSFERRED, OR REPOSTED WITHOUT PRIOR AUTHORIZATION.  joseg2143 Chicago O'Hare Int'l Airport Plane Spotting / Aircraft Spotting / Flight Tracking / Planespotting / Aircraft Photography Recorded with a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 on Friday, May 22nd, 2015.

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