DESTROYER OF GENITALS (Mortal Kombat w/ Goldy & Ally) #1 🎥 Per5onalities | Channify

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Enjoy the video? Be sure to subscribe: This is Mortal Kombat against my wonderful girlfriend, Ally. She tries hard and therefore if I let her win, she gets mad. So she tells me to do my best and not to go easy on her. So that's what I do. Just to let those of you know who I know are going to say "Wow dude, you're a fig newton. Let your girlfriend win, prick head." Because some people don't realize that not all girls are dumb sloots. Ally is the shit. I love her. I love you too. Thanks for watching! Ally's Stuff: Twitter: Twitch: CONNECT WITH ME Daily Vlogs - Walkthroughs - Twitter - Facebook - Live Stream - Kontrol Freeks - (Use "GoldGlove" for 10% off) Astro Gaming Headsets - Spotify Playlist - Outro Song - Run Away From Me - DotEXE:

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