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Enjoy the video? Hit that like button and be sure to subscribe: It's Wasteland time, bitches. This is an open-world Sandbox Arma II server mod. Basically take out all the running in DayZ, give yourself a sweet ass vehicle with some awesome weapons, start killing all the enemy players and you have yourself Wasteland. It's amazing. Want to see more? Be sure to hit that like button, leave a comment/tip, and subscribe for all future videos. I love your butts. Mike: Max: Vern: CONNECT WITH ME Daily Vlogs - Walkthroughs - Twitter - Facebook - Live Stream - GFuel - (Use "Gold5" for 15% off) Kontrol Freeks - (Use "GoldGlove" for 10% off) Astro Gaming Headsets - Spotify Playlist - Outro Song - Run Away From Me - DotEXE:

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